Employer and Employee Benefits

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Employer and Employee Benefits

Employer and employee benefits are key to a company's success as it provides insurance and investment security for individuals. Having personal insurance as an employee allows you to fully concentrate on your work and not the "what ifs" of the dangers of the job. As an employer knowing that all of your employees are taken care of with benefits not only affects them but their families as well. The satisfaction of providing peace of mind to the work place is often over looked but is a necessity.

The value of having an individual employee benefit plan:

Benefits for the Employee:

  • Plans are customized to fit into your budget
  • Plans are portable and will not cancel due to job relocation or termination as long as premiums are paid
  • No limit or cap on the amount of contributions to an investment account or insurance policy
  • You are not limited to certain products or investments
  • You can increase or decrease the amount at any time
  • You choose what day of the month premiums are withdrawn

Benefits for the Employer:

  • No out of pocket expenses used for their individual plans (no group plans)
  • Providing your employees and opportunity for benefits can prevent a potential work place law suite (documented presentations for employees)
  • You can have a customized plan(s)
  • You can have a key person benefit plan
  • You can pay a percentage of their benefit plans at a later date
  • The ability to save money for the company to use towards other opportunities