Everything you need to know about our Company

Fun Facts About Jewell Robinson

  • Born in San Diego, CA and raised in Morrow, GA
  • Graduated from the University of Georgia B.A. in Political Science
  • Green Belt in Lean 6 Sigma
  • Over 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps (Active and Reserve)
  • Two deployments to Iraq
  • Worked in 3 Wounded Warrior Hospitals in the U.S.
  • Black belt in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)
  • Member of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority Inc.
  • Local resident of Dover, DE with two energetic dogs Jake and Charlie
  • Active in local community events, organizations, and volunteer work
  • Growing up I lived on 2 islands and each corner of the U.S.
  • I lived in, been through or visited over 30 U.S. states
  • I lived through an earthquake (in 2 different states), blizzard, and hurricane
  • I played the trumpet from middle school all the way to college and continue to enjoy a love for all genres of music
  • I would like to learn the Spanish language (writing, reading, and speaking) completely
  • San Diego, CA was always my dream city to live
  • I enjoy singing in the church choir
  • My favorite color is purple
  • My first car was a 1988 Toyota Corolla
  • My high school classmates predicted I would be best at counseling or doing something in the “helping others” field

Logo Meaning

JR are my initials.

Purple is the color of wealth and royalty and also the color of good judgement

A Diamond is known as the "Stone of Invincibility." It is associated with protection and is also a symbol of wealth and manifesting abundance in one’s life, goals and good intent